Japan Public Aquarium Research Paper

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The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium is an amazing experience for all. The aquarium also focuses on the long course of evolution and how the sea animals have adopted to it is featured in North Annex that incudes Beluga (white whale), dolphin pool and killer whale. Whereas, South Annex features various kinds of water creatures that live in 5 sea zones from Japan to the Atlantic. Currently it has 4 Killer whales (Orca) including a baby that was born in November 2012.
"This is a great fun park for the whole family. It is not only an aquarium but they also host dolphin shows, where you can touch dolphins, take a picture with penguins, dolphins and sealions.
It's small but that's better you can even have a BBQ or buy your lunch. Great for groups as well.
An easy place to get to by car. And the best part is, if its not crowded you can even see the show twice.
It is a highly recommended aquarium!"
Takeshima Aquarium in Gamagori, Aichi prefecture, was opened in 1956, claims to have the largest
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Hakoneen is a side trip from the main part Hakone tourist circuit. Hakoneen still offers some interesting attractions. Hakone-en is on the eastern side is Lake Ashi and has a port where some of the tourist ferries stop. There is also station for the Hakone Komagatake Ropeway, an aerial lift that rises to the summit of Mt Komagatake. Hakone-en Aquarium is both a fresh-water and salt water aquarium. It is said to be the highest salt water aquarium in Japan. Hakone-en Aquarium displays over 2,000 rare fresh-water fish from 150 species including the so called 'living fossil', protopterus, the African Lungfish. The saltwater section of the Hakone-en Aquarium features a massive tank measuring 17 m wide, 11m front to back and 7 m deep. This tank displays over 20,000 salt-water fish and some penguins. There is also the "Baikal Seal Square" attraction on the edge of Lake Ashi (outside of the aquarium) which is popular with the passing
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