Negative Effects Of Civil Disobedience

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Despite the fact that acts of civil disobedience may be harmful when isolated or disorderly, they can produce significant, positive effects when occurring in an organized series. Civil disobedience can accomplish a goal, but only when conducted in a repeated, orderly manner. Otherwise, the consequences of acting solely or destructively would outweigh benefit; rebellious actions will not gain the government’s consideration if they cause severe disruption in the public.

Antigone 's action of burying her brother was explicitly illegal, but she performed it anyway. When caught, she pleads to Creon, "I beg you: kill me" (Fitts and Fitzgerald 210). She could have professed that she was not aware of the law when Creon questioned if she had "heard [his] proclamation touching this matter" (Fitts and …show more content…

A riot in Charlottesville, North Carolina recently broke out, with two opposing sides demonstrating opposing views. While the rioters certainly got their points across, the protest was anything but orderly. Violence broke out between members of the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Lives Matter movement as "shouts of 'racists go home ' clashed with chants of 'white power '" (CNN).

These acts of civil disobedience are an example of a disorganized protest which leads to destruction, as “police had to employ pepper spray and tear gas to disperse crowds. They arrested [twenty-two] people” (CNN). Rather than a controlled protest which could promote they changes they desire, these acts of civil disobedience only brought negative publicity to their causes.

Civil disobedience is one of few effective ways for civilians to bring about adjustment to their government. However, there is a correct way perform disobedient acts. Only movements that are peaceful and composed will gain positive and considerate attention from the government; otherwise, it will be written off as a reckless act which must be

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