Technology Effects On Children Essay

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Technologies Effect on Children
Obese children, children with social, mental, and physical deficiencies. If the extreme increase in technology continues as quickly as it has started, we are heading towards a difficult and confusing period in time. It’s extremely important to realize everyone has the power to change the future and it should start with technology. I’m not saying all technology is bad and unacceptable, but eventually it will take over if we don’t start to control our kids’ screen time and better monitor their time spent online. Everyone is affected by technology, but especially Millennials and the children of today’s world, because of the tendency to lock their minds into their smart phones, tablets, ipods, and televisions whenever …show more content…

With all of this said, we can now see that technology does not help your kids development process and in fact hurts it.
Technology is hurting children’s physical health. Do I have your attention yet? As stated by Thrive Global,
Recent research has shown screens from devices such as tablets and smartphones emit harmful blue light that can cause headaches, eye strain and irritated eyes for children. Sleep is also disturbed by harmful blue light when children are exposed to screen time in the evening due to the suppression of the hormone melatonin, which regulates the sleep wake cycle.
The devices we are letting children play with and use is hurting their bodies, not mentioning the harm that comes from being overexposed and kids who are constantly staring at a screen. The main reason to make this problem popular is so we’re be able to prevent harm from happening before it starts to affect everyone. The easiest and most productive way to fix this problem is for the parents to watch and control the time their child spends using these devices. Altogether, we know technology is bad for children’s social lives because it slows their development process and even harms their physical health at the same

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