Negative Portrayal Of Women In Disney Princess Movies

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The Negative Portrayal of Women in Disney Princess Movies Disney princess movies are beloved by many little girls; however, the children do not understand that from a young age they’re learning that a woman is only good for her looks. Every princess has a slender frame and that’s what the children are referencing as beautiful. Not to mention that most of the princesses have fair skin. The princesses have very little, if any diversity and are treated as weak objects. Disney came out with its first princess movie in 1937 and since then it has produced thirteen other princess movies (History.com staff). Times have changed since 1937, society has changed, but for some reason parents still allow their children to idolize women who aren’t progressive role models. They allow them to idolize these “princesses” who are shown as weak and simply just beautiful. Some of the best examples of this are shown in The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Brave, and Snow …show more content…

It’s made obvious that they have no chance with the prince because of their looks. They are portrayed as heavier than Cinderella, who is extremely slender. This is a serious problem because they are the first Disney women who are of a normal weight and they are portrayed as ugly. Cinderella only gets the man because she is skinny and “beautiful” Disney doesn’t only portray women as objects. They also portray them as weak and unable to lead without a man. In the movies Brave and Aladdin, the female protagonists aren’t considered qualified to lead their countries without a husband. In Brave, when Merida suggests ruling without a husband the male leaders of all the other tribes become outraged, and in Aladdin, a law requires Jasmine to get a husband before her next birthday. This makes it seem like a woman must get married to be strong when plenty of women are strong on their own, without the help of a man. This implies that women are weak on their

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