Becoming A Hero

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HARNESSING THE POWERS OF A HERO! “The people we call heroes do not usually start out as unusual. Often they are ordinary people subject to ordinary human weaknesses—fear, doubt, and self-interest. In fact, they live ordinary lives until they distinguish themselves by having to deal with an injustice or a difficult situation. Only then, when they must respond in thought and in action to an extraordinary challenge, do people begin to know their strengths and weaknesses.” Assignment: Do people learn who they are only when they are forced into action? Who is a HERO? Both heroes as well as ordinary people are human beings. As human beings, we all experience the same emotions, the same feelings whenever we are faced with a difficult or a challenging…show more content…
Mandela fought against injustice as well as combated against inequality: The black people were not allowed to have education where white people were getting educated, the black people were not provided employment in areas where white people were employed, even if they had same skills, education as well as experience. In short, the black people were treated as third rate citizens. Nelson Mandela championed the voice of African black people to wake up from this terrifying nightmare of injustice as well as to stop living in the horrifying hell of inequality. For this reason he was imprisoned for almost 3 decades of his life. What brings out the LATENT QUALITIES OF HERO? He continued his supreme struggle even while in jail- he united the whole African nation in his quest for justice, for equality against the white British people. Finally, after decades spent fighting for a noble cause, he was released from prison. With all his effort, he finally managed to secure a peaceful South Africa where peace, justice as well as equality prevails. In a nutshell, special circumstances, cruel conditions plus spiteful situations bring out the latent qualities of heroes, which otherwise might go un-utilized or un-developed under ordinary
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