Neuron Observation Report

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First, each student will hold a neuron. Everyone will form a circle, while holding their neurons. The neurons should be almost touching each other, only leaving a small space between. The dendrites will be on the right while the terminal buttons are held to the left side. Participants will play a game of telephone to simulate a neurotransmission. The person watching and setting up the group will pick a word to be whispered around in the circle. When the last person receives the word, they will tell the the coordinator watching the group what the word is. Then, they must announce the word that traveled around. After, the coordinator and students can discuss what is happening in the neuron that is sending the signals. They will relate what …show more content…

In the game of telephone, the signals is the word being whispered. The dendrite receives the world whispered by another student (nerve cell). Our ears are like the dendrites because they are hearing the word that needs to be passed along. The axon conducts signals for the neuron. This is related to students using their mouths to actually say the word. Our voices travel through our throat and reach our mouth. We talk to get information across. When the neuron sends the signal to the axon, it is in action potential. Before an action potential happens, the neuron is in resting potential. This is related to when students are talking and when they are silent. The terminal buttons are bulbs that branch off axons that contain neurotransmitters.Neurotransmitters stimulate brain cells using chemicals. The neurotransmitter enter the space between neurons (synapse). The is like the sound waves entering through our mouths to in between the person we are talking too. The waves are transferred from one person (nerve cell) to the other. The soma is the cell body. It contains proteins for dendrites and cell organelles. This is like the human body containing all the organs and processes allowing the body to work. With these parts, the body can talk and

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