New Nationalism Speech Analysis

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There are a variety of similarities and differences New Nationalism Speech by Theodore Roosevelt and New Freedom Speech by Woodrow Wilson. They both are a fascinating subject to talk about. In the 1900s, both Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson gave an important speech. In Osawatomie, Kansas, on September 1, 1910, Roosevelt made a case for the New Nationalism in his speech that argued about government protection of human welfare and property rights and how human welfare was more valuable than property rights (“Progressive Era” Teaching). He said wealthy people influence many corruptions in politics, so it prevents not only the passage of progressive laws, but came to question the possibility of real democracy in America (New Nationalism Speech…show more content…
The speeches, both were given around the same era, only three years apart. In the late nineteenth century, Americans began to feel dissatisfied with the negative impacts the technological boom made (“New Nationalism vs. New). Technology has been changing rapidly, and it altered the lives of many people, and some people believed that the society and the economy had a lot to catch up (“New Nationalism vs. New). Two presidents, Roosevelt and Wilson both gave a persuasive speech trying to make a change during the Progressive Movement (B&N). They both agree that the current laws were not doing well in controlling the big businesses and that changes need to be made immediately…show more content…
The ultimate purpose of Roosevelt's speech was to appeal to anyone who didn't get adequately paid when working in the corporations (New Nationalism speech 1910). He wanted these men to earn what they deserved (New Nationalism speech 1910). Roosevelt’s speech is mainly about how the United States found itself transformed fundamentally after the Civil war and how the war resolved the problem of slavery (New Nationalism speech 1910). It seemed to open new birth of freedom as Abraham Lincoln had hoped, but the potential of American industry had been unleashed, which brought challenges to the country due to new economic and social problems on a national scale (B&N). He tried to stop the big corporations from gaining power (B&N). In his speech, it showed hatred and anger towards the corporations, and showed empathy for anyone who didn't get as much money as they should've (New Nationalism speech 1910). However, he was hopeful for the future. So basically, he just wanted to persuade the audience. On the other hand, Woodrow Wilson program a campaign for his presidency in 1912 that emphasized small government and competition (New Freedom speech 1913). It sought to reign in federal authority, restore competition by releasing personal energy. He wanted free planning economy rather than planned one (New Freedom Speech 1913). During Roosevelt speech, a gunman shot Roosevelt once with a revolver, but
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