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On October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed. That day has since been infamously nicknamed “Black Tuesday” and it is now recognized as having marked the beginning of the Great Depression. During the time that followed this unfortunate event, much in the economy began to fall apart. The Great Depression brought worldwide calamity. Businesses and banks failed, unemployment rates rose to excruciating levels, and confidence, along with drive, took a nosedive amongst the general population. Many people ended up homeless and jobless. At the time, Herbert Hoover was the President of the United States and many American citizens blamed him for the lowered standard of living. As a result, he made no effort to win a second presidential term. A man named Franklin Delano Roosevelt won instead. Roosevelt’s campaign involved advertising a “New Deal”, or set of programs to recover, relieve, and reform the U. S. economy. As soon as he was sworn in, Roosevelt began developing and implementing these programs. The New Deal had its fair share of flaws, but in the end, it was successful. It created jobs, provided people with food, and boosted the morale of the nation. It accomplished all it was meant to.
Under just one of the New Deal programs, over 250,000 jobs were created. President Roosevelt himself said, “we are giving opportunity of employment …show more content…

Roosevelt’s programs made the people believe that, with time, the nation might be restored to its former glory, or even become greater. One man expressed how the New Deal affected him and his peers by simply saying, “Just knowin’ that for once there was a man to stand up and speak for him… has made a lot of us feel a lot better” (). Roosevelt wanted to make sure workers felt like someone was standing up for them. He was devoted to improving not just their lives, but their outlooks on

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