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The New Deal was a collection of policies made by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933-1937 which attempted to recover the economy after the Great Depression. In this essay, I will be assessing the significance of the policies of the New Deal. 13 laws (such as the EBA, CCC, etc...) were passed by the Congress during the New Deal. There were 3 main ideas that the New Deal brought; recovery, relief and reform.

To begin with, many agencies were associated to aid relief. One ways that the New Deal was significant at the time was by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Consequently, the Great Depression caused massive unemployment; by 1932 13 million people were unemployed. For this reason, Roosevelt set up the CCC in March 1933 after Herbert Hoover …show more content…

In my opinion, TVA was highly significant compared to the other agencies as it is still used today. It faced many issues such as power production, food control, navigation, reforestation, etc…The TVA helped prevent flooding in the Tennessee River Valley by building 33 dams. Moreover, they also built a 650 mile waterway which linked major river systems and it gave easy access to the area. Another advantage was that it greatly helped to modernize the region by introducing fertilizers, pesticides and other inventions. Before the TVA was set up, that region was considered as one of the most disadvantaged in the South. This is because it was known as one of the most deprived areas and wasn’t as developed as other areas. Therefore, hydro-electrical projects and irrigation were introduced. It really helped ease the economic hardship that they were going through - not only in Tennessee but also in Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina and other states. Not only that, but many people were provided with jobs by help from the TVA. Alternatively, many people viewed as dangerously socialistic by critics. As I stated before, to this day, many American’s disagree with the idea of socialism. One of the reasons why they dislike it is because it makes those of higher statuses and wealth or in power lose their opportunity to grow their businesses and become much bigger and more

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