New Testament Women

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Some of the women that were significance in the New Testament was Mary (Mother of Jesus), Mary Magdalene, Mary and Martha, Dorcas, Lydia and Prisca. These women were significant because they went beyond their roles as women. They would learn, they had responsibilities, were leaders, they were followers of Jesus who was a rabbi and women were not allowed to follow a rabbi.

It is said that Mary was a teenage when she had Jesus. She was a simple peasant girl in an oppressed country. She was a person who was a believer and acquainted with the ways of God. When she realised that she was carrying his child she was honoured and saw it as a blessing. When she shared this news with Joseph he wasn’t as pleased with this news as she was. He proclaimed …show more content…

Rumours went around about Jesus being the Messiah and there were threats of killing the baby. Mary and Joseph made the decision to flee to Egypt and stayed there until Herod was dead. Jesus was an extremely intelligent, inquisitive boy who knew what he had to do. Mary would still teach him to obey and would tell him stories. When Jesus became a man she let him live his own life and appeared in his story very rarely. Jesus resembled his mother in profound ways. Like Mary he believed in God and had complete faith in his ways. At the time when Jesus was arrested she was with him throughout the whole process and watched from the side lines the injustice and pain her son went through. She was with her son when he got nailed to the cross and died. The significance of Mary in the life of the Christian Church at that time is that she was the mother of Jesus. She was a strong, mature, free and independent woman. She went outside the roles of a woman at that time. This is shown by how she was a free and independent woman. Women were meant to have someone making the decisions for them and to having to obey to their husbands. Mary did not

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