Nickel And Dimed Analysis Essay

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Nickel and Dimed Analysis: Minorities vs Majority vs Socioeconomics In Ehrenreich’s classic “Nickel and Dimed: On (not) getting by in America,” the protagonist opens up the dialogue with admitting that she picked out her job out of laziness (Ehrenreich, 1). With the setting in Key West, Florida, the main character being Ehrenreich herself, decides to experiment with the possibilities of existing as a person on the lower terminal of the socioeconomic ladder. For her experiment, she lives in the lower rung of the ladder, becoming a waitress (Ehrenreich, 10). Based in 1996, the novel is investigating the benefits and effects of the 1996 welfare reform bill, which was considered a jugular stab to the spirit of social reform and government assistance to the hapless. What Ehrenreich realizes from the investigations is consistency in prejudice and favoritism against the poor, and a nation that is …show more content…

Nevertheless, she concludes that their socioeconomic class is burdened with even more events. Listing off each of her co-workers, Ehrenreich discovers the majority live in overcrowded situations, with relatives or in pay-as-you-go standards; others, like one particular co-worker share rent with people who are not of good character, but can alleviate the financial strain; finally, to her surprise, the hostess who were paid the most was living in the worst standard, in her vehicle (Ehrenreich, 20-21). This is one of the focal points of Ehrenreich’s investigation: while some might obtain “aid” from the government, it does not prevent consequences that the middle class does not see. As Ehrenreich discovers from Gail’s breakdown of payments for surviving by herself versus staying with her sexually harassing roommate, she beings to understand the financial discrimination that the poor

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