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Are pennies worth minting? Many people believe they’re a waste of money, but some people believe that they’re still worth minting. Pennies should not be minted for many reasons such as, the penny costs more money to make then the penny has in value.Another reason is that pennies are a severe waste in time such as people often pay with pennies as a practical joke, which means hard working employees often have to spend the time to count those pennies. The final reason is because the penny is losing the government money. All in all the penny should not be printed anymore because they cost more to make then they have value, then they are a waste of time as in counting the, and finally reason is that pennies are losing the government money. A reason pennies should not be minted is because the penny costs more to make then it has total value. As stated in the text,” Because the penny costs more than a cent to produce, the Treasury loses more than $100…show more content…
As stated in the text,”In truth, it is more than a coin—it is a piece of American culture.” Even though the penny has some culture, culture is nothing compared to losing money the losing money part is way more important than just being part of American culture. This shows how people can hold onto the smallest things for the dumbest reasons. Another thing stated in the text was,”Still, for many people, the penny's sentimental value remains the same.” Even though the penny may have some sentimental value the government is losing a ton of money minting new pennies because they cost more than they have in value. This shows that pennies may have value to some people but not enough to compensate for the money lost by the government for minting a penny. All in all some people believe that pennies are worth minting, but they are just of waste of

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