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This scandalous coinage, also known as the penny, is a lousy excuse for a currency and should be abandoned. The penny costs the American people precious time and money as they attempt to scour through their purse or wallet just for a 1 cent coin, which is having devastating effects on the economy. The obvious solution to this ordeal is removing the penny and rounding all prices to the nearest nickel. On the other side of the argument, people view this as an opportunity for businesses to charge extra for a product or service that you originally would of although, there is simply no hard defining evidence that this would even occur. With everything considered, the penny is a nuisance to society as a whole, we need to abolish it before it creates …show more content…

According to Source 4: Favor Abolishing The Penny? By the New York Times, The data shows 59 percent are for keeping the penny while an underwhelming 23 percent are for abolishing it. Conversely, the reason for the difference is unclear but, if more people were aware of the repercussions pennies are causing they arguably most likely would switch sides in the argument. According to Abolish the Penny by William Safire, “There is no escaping economic history: it takes nearly a dime today to buy what a penny bought back in 1950. Despite this, the U.S. Mint keeps churning out a billion pennies a month.” The complete waste of time and money spent producing these pennies just to be forgotten in the couch cushions is astounding. If every penny is 1.8 cents to produce than the government is giving away 800 million USD every single year. The same article says, “...10 million new useless items punched out by government workers who could be more usefully employed tracking counterfeiters.” In other words, the government isn’t only wasting money on penny production but, also a working staff. U.S. currency could be more protected if it wasn’t for the pesky penny. To sum up, if people took the time to research how the penny was affecting us as a nation we could be closer to the

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