Pennies Should Be Eliminated Essay

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Do you know what cost more to make then what is worth,cost taxpayers millions each year to produce and is a hide waste of time? Well it's the penny. For many years the United States have been debated whether or not they should discontinue the penny. They should stop production of the penny because it cost too much to make, it's very time consuming and many Americans are ready to make away from the one cent. Now let me tell you all I the reasons.

First, pennies should be eliminated because of how much it cost make them. For example, “taxpayers lost 60.2 million dollars on the production and distribution of the coin. Many people are saying that the number of cost for the penny could increase in the upcoming years. Also,”the economy has changed so had the value of the coin.” But the penny is worth too little for for today's economy. Furthermore,”pennies haven't been on foreign …show more content…

For example,”time wasted counting them could add up to over two hundred million dollars per year.” And again the number could easily go up in the next few years. Also,”eliminated the penny will help same more money. That money could go to the U.S. military or NASA. Furthermore,”the losses have been mounting up twenty seven point four million dollars in 2010, and 19.8 million in 2009.” Therefore, the one cent not the greatest coin and the government should stop production of the penny. Last reason why the penny should be gone is, people just don't like them anymore and they take up too much space. For example,” people store them in jars refuse them as change and throw them away in water fountains.” See people are over the penny. Also,“pennies are not worth the trouble of carrying them around and take up too much space.” That just shows how I'm right about getting rid of the coin. I know taxpayers don't don't want to keep wasting their money on the penny. Pennies serve in today's

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