Njoi Trujillo Swot Analysis

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NJOI Trujillo offers Canadians many types of real estate in Honduras, including their new villas. These villas offer all the expected modern comforts and tropical setting as NJOI Trujillo 's traditional offerings, but with smaller spaces and lower prices. Here 's what you should consider when deciding if NJOI Trujillo 's new villas are right for you.

Location, Location, Location

Located seconds away from Honduras ' powdery white sandy beaches, NJOI Trujillo 's Villas are ideally situated for Canadians dreaming of a beach front get-a-way. Because Honduras shares a coastline with the Caribbean, it provides a tropical climate year round, a welcome exchange from the often bitter winters in Canada. These Villas also provide the opportunity to …show more content…

For a little extra space, a deck and pool or a second bedroom are optional additions that give the properties a boost in luxury and comfort.

Affordable Retirement, Vacation, or Investment Properties

NJOI Trujillo is pleased to offer their new villas, as well as their other real estate in Honduras, at affordable prices. The Villas, for example, start as low as $129,000 USD. When purchased using one of NJOI Trujillo 's mortgage partners, Canadians can own a slice of tropical paradise without having to invest a huge sum of money to do so. When not in use, these properties can also be rented out, establishing a passive income for the owners.

Between the scenic beauty of Honduras and the affordable prices, these modern yet luxury villas are ideal for Canadians who want to escape the brutal winters for retirement, vacation in paradise, or invest in one of the fastest developing areas. For more information at the real estate in Honduras, or to request a free informational webinar, please contact NJOI

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