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What are the Fundamentals of Norman Doidge or Brain Rewiring?

Norman Doidge states that it is possible to heal the brain, contrary to popular belief. He introduced that the brain is capable of changing its structure and function. This phenomenon is referred to as neuroplasticity. This has replaced the previously held belief that adult brain is physiologically static. This process can make your brain resilient. Thus, you are not actually stuck with the brain that you are born with. Here are some fundamentals of neuroplasticity.

Change is Limited to the Mood of the Brain

When you are alert, motivated, engaged, and ready for action, your brain will release neurochemicals. This is essential for the change in the brain. When the brain is distracted, inattentive, and doing something unmindfully, the brain …show more content…

Rewiring is all about positive thinking for greater happiness. You need to have realistic thinking which means that you have to notice the good things that are happening around you. You need to allow yourself to experience these.

Know What’s Happening in the Brain

For instance, you are in a meeting and you are called out for some important work. At this moment, there is a certain activation of synapses neuropsychological. This is the minute connection in between the cells which allow neurons to pass on chemical and electrical signals. When you are considering the neural basis of feelings that are valued, you actually have to consider the coalition of several synapses. When these synapses are fired, it becomes sensitive. This leads to the formation of new synapses. This means when you feel valued the next time, the positive feeling will be stronger.

Norman Doidge has shown that the human brain is a fascinating thing and is a lot more flexible than you know. The above-mentioned tips will enable you to change the functions of the brain in a positive

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