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The threat of Repercussions The threat of repercussions prokoke fear and, therfore, a reaction of obedience in many individuals. The impact of having set ramifications for misbehavior is crucial to ones’ upbringing: The effects when none are in place can can be detrimental. The consequences of Wes Moore’s decisions in comparison to the other Wes Moore, having an absence of any, leads to the success of one and failure of the other. Wes Moore like any other adolescent has acted up. Despite the large investment of money to enable Wes’s proper education, he disreguarded school, often not attending. In effect, his grades suffered tremendously, as Wes exclaimed, “It’s tough to do well in school as an eleven-year-old when you’re picking and choosing which days to go” (77). Without developing his education, it becomes virtually impossible to accell in school. Fed up with his lack of motivation, Wes’s mother forced him to attend military school in an effort to straighten Wes out. Furthermore, military school gave author Wes more responsibility and ambition. Wes remarked, “Three years ago I’d been one of the insubordanate kids first entering the gates of Valley Forge. In an ironic turn, I was now one of the ones in charge of them” (115). Wes Moore was now moving up through the rankings as a leader of his military school. There is a …show more content…

Accourdingly, he had no reason to change his actions because there were no consequences for his misconduct. During a football game, a kid punched and disrespected Wes. Shortly after, the author describes “[Wes’s] knife in hand, hurrying to settle the score with the boy who had busted his lip” (34). Wes decided to defend his image and retaliate in a significant way. During all of this his mother was working, and she never found out about Wes’s encounter with the boy and cops until it was too late. Due to never being caught, Moore never learned his lesson of

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