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William Ellery was born on December 22, 1727 in Newport, Rhode Island, to his father, William Ellery, and his mother, Elizabeth Almy (Pyne). His great-grandparents immigrated to the United States in 1668 where they then settled down near Salem, Massachusetts. William’s grandpa moved to Newport to start up as a new merchant. Along with being a merchant, he became the Speaker of the House of Deputies, a judge of the county court, and a member of the town council. His grandfather became very wealthy and made a large contribution to building a new church. His mother, Elizabeth, and her family, sailed on the Abigail to Portsmouth at the age of three. His father, William Ellery, took after his dad. He studied at Harvard and graduated in 1722 to then become a successful merchant just as his father did (Pyne).After William’s grandfather passed away, his dad inherited his father 's wealth due to him being the oldest son. He was a deputy, assistant to the Colonial Assembly, Judge of the county, and Deputy Governor of Rhode Island (Pyne).…show more content…
He was very smart and entered Harvard at just sixteen years of age (Pyne). After graduation, he went back to Newport to work alongside his father. Working with his father taught him many things he would use later in life. He then became an important Naval Officer for Rhode Island. As a Naval Officer, he learned many key things about naval affairs. In 1748, Ellery became a Master Mason of Boston (Pyne). In 1750, he married his first wife, Ann Remington. With her, he had seven children, but only five made it to adulthood. Fourteen years after marriage, Ann passed away. Three years later, he remarried to Abigail Cary. Together they had ten children. Of the ten children, only two survived to adulthood
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