How Did George Washington Influence American History

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George Washington is an important character in American history because he had a huge impact on the founding and governing of America. He was known for his political ideas, outstanding leadership style, and revolutionary plans. He was a commander in the American Revolution and because of him, in 1783, America won independence from Great Britain. He assisted in establishing a basis for the modern day US Government and oversaw the Constitution of 1787 being written. Washington was elected president of the United States on April 30, 1789 and remained in office until March 4, 1797. He was the only president to be unanimously elected, meaning he got every vote in the Electoral College. He accomplished many things during his presidency, for example, he ended the Whiskey Rebellion by personally escorting troops to Pennsylvania, he improved the government’s infrastructure, and upheld the freedom of the new nation. Washington also kept America neutral when …show more content…

His father was Augustine Washington and his mother was Mary Ball Washington. After George’s father died when he was 11, he inherited ten slaves and helped his mother maintain the plantation that they lived on. He was homeschooled, he had a lower amount of education than any of the other Founding Fathers. Washington finished his school education when he was fifteen and did not go to college. When he was seventeen, he wanted to join the British Navy but his mother disapproved. Instead, he became a county surveyor for Culpeper County. In late 1752, Washington became a commander of the Virginia militia. He had no military experience before-hand and was in the French and Indian War. George Washington was a brave man and that was proven several times for example, when he was 21, he went on a 900-mile trip to give the French a message. During his trip, the cold, harsh climate created many obstacles for him and his partner got

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