Roosevelt Compare And Contrast Essay

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Throughout history there has been many great presidents, two of those being George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt. During each of their presidencies they accomplish many great feats that help shape our great country to what it is today. Each of these presidents has their similarities and differences in office with some of those being domestic and foreign affairs and the extent in which the administration resolves it. Washington was the first president of our country and did not affiliate with a party. He served two four year terms. Roosevelt, on the other hand, was the 32nd president and affiliates with the democratic party. He served three full four year terms, then at the beginning of his fourth term he dies in office. When …show more content…

Washington first started with the creation of the cabinet who helped him create the laws for the new nation. With this came the creation of the different departments, the state, war, and treasury departments. Also he establishes a general attorney. The Judiciary Act of 1789 establishes the judiciary branch. To keep peace with Britain he creates Jay’s treaty to keep Britain from attacking the west and attacking our ships. On the other hand Franklin D. Rosevelt began his presidency by creating the 21st amendment which replaced 18th amendment bringing an end to prohibition. This allowed him to create the Beer-Wine Revenue Act of 1933 to allow the government to make money on the beer and wine sold in the states. To help the economy, he created the Emergency Banking Relief Act, which allowed the government to examine the finances of banks when they close for the bank holiday. This then leads to the creation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which guaranteed an individual a $5,000 deposit, Home Owners Loan Corporation, which provided financing for small homes and Farm Credit Administration which provided low interest farm loans to help farmers out financially. The last major thing Rosevelt created was the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. This act creates a minimum wage, a minimum workweek of 40 hours, time and a half for overtime, and child labor restrictions for those under 16. To end WWII Roosevelt helped in signing the Peace treaty. This needs the fighting in Europe. Washington and Rosevelt faced many different domestic and foreign challenges while in office. They both had different ways in fixing them

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