George Washington's Precedents

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President George Washington knew that a lot of his accomplishments would be viewed as precedents. As being the first President, he set numerous precedents, a significant number of which are still being implemented today. He chose to be called Mr. President as opposed to the title of being called a King, he then created the Presidential Cabinet, established the term limit of two terms for Presidency and was first President to create foreign policy. Those who served under the first Presidential Cabinet that was created by George Washington was: • Vice President John Adams • Secretary of State- Thomas Jefferson • Secretary of The Treasury- Alexander Hamilton • Secretary of War- Henry Knox • Attorney General- Edmund Randolph Today, our cabinet is made up of 16 departments and being served by the following individuals: • Vice President of the United States-Joseph R. Biden • Department of State-Secretary John Kerry • Department of the Treasury- Secretary Jack Lew • Department of Defense- Secretary …show more content…

The two term wasn’t intended to bringing limitation to future Presidents. George Washington was getting old and he felt that only serving two four year terms was very sufficient enough to serve as a President. But the two term became one of his precedents due to him turning down his third term and retiring from being our countries President. After Washington’s death there has been several President that attempted to run for a third term but was unsuccessful and their names are Ulysses Grant, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. The only successful President that made history for serving over two term was Franklin D Roosevelt, he won his third term in 1940, and then in 1944 running for his fourth term as President. Roosevelt only served one year into his fourth term as President due to a serious illness causing him to pass

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