How Did The Cabinet Influence George Washington's Cabinet

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One very important decision that George Washington made during his presidency was establishing his official group of advisors, the Cabinet. Washington's cabinet was composed of only four members, including Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State, Alexander Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Knox as Secretary of War, and Edmund Randolph as Attorney General ("Cabinet Members"). Because George Washington was the first president, he had no one before him to base his decisions off of. However, later Presidents did have someone else's decisions to go off of, which is evident in the fact that having a cabinet of advisors became a non-required precedent that all other presidents have used as well ("Cabinet Members"). George Washington deciding that it would be best for the country if he had a small group of advisors has been a very important decision, as it has lasted until today, and these advisors have influenced many presidential decisions throughout the entire time from the 1700s until today. …show more content…

The Constitution left it up to the President to decide whether or not he needed to appoint more people to help him, and George Washington took this statement to mean that he could create an official group of expert advisors to help him make important decisions on, or when he needed political advice. In order for the President to establish a cabinet, he must tell the Senate of who he is planning to appoint, and then the Senate must confirm

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