22 Amendment Pros And Cons

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president again because they have only been elected once. There have been several attempts to remove the 22nd Amendment. REASONS FOR FDR SEEKING A FOOURTH TERM, IF HIS TERM INITIATED THE DRAFTNG OF THE 22ND AMENDMENT Because the war Europe was in a terrible state, and American’s entrance into the war had begun the public did not want to have a new president in the middle of the war. The 22nd Amendment was not ratified until 1951-FDR died in 1945. THE CONDITIONS THAT COULD NULLIFY OR SET ASIDE THE ENFORCEMENT OF THE 22ND AMENDMENT The 22nd Amendment does not contain any conditions that could set aside its enforcement. It’s very specific about presidential elections. There is a debate that the 22nd Amendment may not work well with the 12th Amendment. …show more content…

Vice presidents who complete more than two years of a deceased president’s term can only hold office for one more term. The states have seven years to approve this change. It does not apply to Harry Truman or any other president in office before the amendment is ratified.” 22nd Amendment limit the presidents firmly in to the two-term tradition a started by George Washington. So the president following President Truman (who was exempt) to the tradition two-term. 22nd Amendment was not and is not popular by everyone until 1951 “The amendment was more than 200 which had been proposed since 1789 to limit the president’s tenure.” The Founding Fathers considered they, but reject George Washington never wrote anything about two terms in fact he wrote to the contrary. Because of the 22nd Amendment the following presidents since President Truman could not be elected again because of this amendment-D.D.E, R.N., B.C., G.W.B., B.O., H.T., L.B.J., G.F.. THE WAY OTHER DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICS REGRAD A THIRD TERM ON THEIR

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