Thomas Jefferson Vs Hamilton

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Long ago, during a revolutionary era when the country and the name of the United States even became official, there existed a group of colonists, and freedom-fighters alike, who sought to change a nation for the greater good. Most of these men, women, and children (a majority of the participants were men) came from European countries such as Great Britain, while the rest branched from other countries such as France, the Netherlands, Spain, and elsewhere. Although many of these people diverged from different backgrounds, all of these adventurous newcomers still shared the same exact vision in mind – they all wanted to establish a new home in the new world (America), and they all desired to obtain freedom and gain access to individual rights. But in order to accomplish all of that, they needed someone, or something, that was knowledgeable and powerful enough to give the American people what they truly needed and deserved. The story behind the unity and the founding of the ideal American society and government system had not always been an easy one to piece together. This …show more content…

Before he became the third president of the United States, Jefferson was once known as the Secretary of State. As for Hamilton, a Federalist, he was once known as the Secretary of the Treasury. By collaborating their ideas on finding ways to establish an ideal society, and providing different insights on how to govern the country, both Jefferson and Hamilton were able to leave behind a legacy that still impacts the people of America. In addition, it was because of their actions and duties that helped changed the outlook for the American public in policies and politics.

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