Nsw Health Case Study

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In this situation there are key ethical and legal situations that arise from the treatment and transportation of Craig. As the police are now involved the paramedics have better assistance with the legal side of restraint however the ethical issues remain import and need to be managed correctly. The first issue raised is the physical restraint of the patient, even thought the police are present the paramedics could take a different approach to avoid the use of physical restraint. It could be argued that the physical restrain is necessary in this situation as the patient could be a danger to himself or others. NSW health (1) explains in there restraining policy that legally it is permitted to restrain a patient if the patient is posing a risk to themselves or others, they further explain that the restraint used should be reasonable only to control the current threat and that it only be used as a last resort. QAS further expresses this in there guidelines by stating that physical restraint …show more content…

The paramedics could have avoided the use of restraints through other methods such as better explaining the situation; the police could have been used to help with patient privacy and explanation of options. The needle stick injury could be an ethical decision as the patient has the right to know that an error was made. Reference: 1. NSW HEALTH. Principles for Safe Management of Disturbed and /or Aggressive Behaviour and the Use of Restraint. 2015. 2. QAS. Clinical Practice Guideline The physically restrained patient.pdf>. 2015. 3. Scott P, Media FR. OPINION: Candid photos ethical dilemma in internet age. 2014. 4. UTAS. Week 4 Unit Notes – Civic Professionalism and Civility as Ethical Conduct. 2015. 5. UTAS. Week 8 (Topic 10) Unit Notes - Clinical Error, Mistakes vs Crimes and Negligence. 2015. 6. NSW Health. Incident management policy. Clinical Excellence Commission.

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