List Five Things I Learned Concerning Shock Analysis

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Module 4 Writing Assignment
1. List five things you learned concerning "shock"?
The first thing I learned concerning "shock" is the actually meaning of shock. Shock occurs when the body 's tissue does not receive enough oxygen-rich blood. Also, that it is a failure to the cardiovascular system in which the blood circulation decrease and eventually ceases.
The second thing I learned, is that shock can be both cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular. Three major cardiovascular causes of shock are: poor pump function blood or fluid loss from blood vessels and poor vessel function.
The third thing i learned was the progression of shock. When checking for shock, shock itself can not be seen, but the signs and symptoms can be. Such as, blood loss, which is called compensated shock. Decompesated shock, is the last step, and that is when the blood pressure drops and after that, there 's not much you can do. Because after that shock is terminal which means there is no saving someone 's life.
The fourth thing I learned was the care for shock. Every injury affects the circulatory system, so it is very important for the first …show more content…

1)Lay the person down and elevate the leg and feet slightly, unless you think that might cause pain.
2)Keep the person as still as possible.
3) Begin CPR if the person is not breathing
4)Loosen tight clothing
5)Do not let the person eat or drink
6) Lastly if the person vomits or begins bleeding, turn them over to their side to prevent choking, but only if they do not have a spinal injury.
2. What is the importance of understanding "shock" as it relates to first aid? Do you feel prepared to provide first aid if necessary?
After reading the text about "shock" i think i have the knowledge of "shock" to check for signs and symptoms. Overall, i have never been in that position so i could not say for sure 100% that i would be prepared. However, i would use the steps that i have learned to try my best and apply it to the

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