Nt1310 Unit 4 Assignment 1

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The web application was well received by all the stakeholders. The support engineers were excited to see a centralized location for transfer requests and avoid communicating through email. Since there were multiple transfer request handlers for each product, the processing for each request was quicker and the management was able to quickly measure real time success. It was realized that there could be additional improvement to make the process even faster by implementing a distribution list for the transfer request handlers for each product, for a more focused notification, instead of notifying all the handlers. This was recorded as an enhancement request because it was not part of the original scope.
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Usually, budgeting is based on tangible cost of products purchased but during this project the main costing was based on man hours. Even the cost benefit analysis of the project was based on man hours involved in the current implementation versus what it would be with the new system in place.
- Formative and Summative Assessment – Quality Assurance was a new concept that I learned is critical to the successful implementation of the project. I was not entirely satisfied with this part of the project because there is always scope for more quality control measures but the project was limited by time and cost. For example, peer reviews of code could have help bring up the quality of the coding practices of developers but there was no time to implement that in this project.
- Budgeting the Integration Layer – SSO integration engineers were not budgeted into the plan. I realized this when the team was delaying availability of resources for the project. Initially my thought was that it was a task that was not overtly complex and could be done in a few hours but lack of budgeting resulted in lack of commitment from the team. Lessons learned is to make sure every task is budgeted and included in the plan to ensure commitment from all resources

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