Nt1330 Unit 7

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1-What is the difference between a threat agent and a threat?
A threat is a constant danger to an asset, whereas a threat agent is what facilitates an attack.
2-What is the difference between vulnerability and exposure?
Exposure is a condition of being exposed and it exists when a vulnerability is known to an attacker while Vulnerability is a weakness or fault in a system or protection mechanism that opens it to attack or damage.
3-How is infrastructure protection (assuring the security of utility services) related to information security?
The organization has to set regulation and have clear parameters when to protect itself. Transparent goals and objectives will lead to a better protection regarding to the information security.
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16- What is the relationship between the MULTICS project and early development of computer society?
When the project was created its primary goal was security. Not long after the restructuring of MULTICS several engineers created UNIX which wasn’t as secure. A year after, the microprocessor brought the personal computer.
17- How has computer security evolved into modern information security?
Its evolution can be noticed because in the earlier days the concern was to gain access into a computer system but nowadays security had become a must in every computer industry. Both information and computers need and depend on security nowadays.
18- What was important about the Rand Report R-609?
The Rand report R-609 was the document that began computer security, discussing policy considerations, intrusions, recommendations and physical security threads.
19- Who decides how and when data in an organization will be used and or controlled? Who is responsible for seeing these wishes are carried out?
The Chief Information Officer (CIO) decided when and in what ways data will be controlled among an organization and the Vise President of Information Technology is responsible for seeing this wishes carried

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