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DOI: 4/16/2012. Patient is a 29-year-old male technician who sustained injury when he was 25-feet up on a ladder when the ladder slid and he fell onto the pavement. He had an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF x 2) for a compound tibia fibula fracture and had hardware removal in 4/25/2013. MRI of the lumbar spine performed on 3/24/2016 revealed L5-S1 small right paracentral disc protrusion without significant spinal canal stenosis or neuroforaminal narrowing. Per procedure reports, the patient is status post therapeutic bilateral sacroiliac intra-articular injection on 02/18/16, diagnostic bilateral sacroiliac intra-articular injection on 02/05/16, confirmatory bilateral L3-5 medial branch nerve block on 01/25/16, diagnostic bilateral L3-5 medial branch nerve block on 01/11/16, bilateral L5-S1 transforaminal epidural injection on 04/06/15, bilateral L5 dorsal ramus …show more content…

Patient denies any complications and new complaints associated with epidural steroid injection procedure; however, he states that approximately 5 days after the injection procedure, he felt a sharp shooting pain down the posterior aspect of both legs to the feet to the feet when lying on his back with his feet on the floor. Otherwise, he reports ongoing axial lower back pain and weakness with no significant radicular symptoms at this time. He reports only mild relief with use of over-the-counter ibuprofen. In addition, he reports of moderate pain located at the low back which describes as an aching, continuous and sharp pain. He rated his pain as 5/10 in severity at the time of visit. Pain radiates from the lower back and aggravated by bending, getting in and out of the car, lifting, reciprocating stairs, sitting, standing, turning, twisting and walking which is mildly alleviated by over-the-counter drugs and

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