Nursing Management Model

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Some conceptual models appear from the metaparadigm of nursing, as these concepts are the abstract ones. One of my practice specific concept as an obstetrician manager specialist is culturally – informed care for the patient and the environment. The individual and the environments are two concepts of the metaparadigm of the nursing theory. The culturally – informed care for me as for obstetrician manager specialist is significant because multiculturalism is an essential factor in my professional activities as it is based on a population with different characteristics. Cultural – informed care is crucial for my profession as patient constantly exposed to external factors. That is why; an obstetric case manager at an insurance company must have…show more content…
This practice specific concept involves three metaparadigm concepts, including health, patient, and nursing. Safety and quality in relation to patient and health are based on improving patient conditions while using correct nursing activities. In other words, health must be wholesome that requires correct and useful communication and connection to the sources. Thus, “it is crucial that patient safety and quality efforts focus on the systems of care that are designed to prevent harm” (White, Dudley – Brown & Terhaar, 2016). The activities of the obstetrician manager must be centered on the patient. Thus, the specialists have to consider cultural, social, and specific needs of the patient. One of the philosophies from the nursing literature that support the importance of these two concepts is Florence Nightingale’s description of the nursing nature. As her observations are based on the issues of illness and disease, such description of the nursing nature is the basement of the obstetrician manager…show more content…
Thus, the obstetrician manager specialist influences nursing through close effective communication. Additionally, it is the obstetrician manager’s responsibility to support members with medication review to facilitate patient’s safety. Cultural factors play a key role for the effective health care service. Moreover, the obstetrician manager practice is focus on improving patient’s health by assisting them. It is worth noting that effective and positive practice depends on the intercommunion between patient, environment and manager. The profession of nursing is some kind of art and nursing philosophy is the core of the success of this profession. My personal philosophy includes the values and principles of the sphere of caring and based on responsibility to society for patient care, which must be holistic, caring and focused on the patient. The holistic approach is principal as it represents peace and healing by respecting all person’s values and beliefs. Nurses should be aware that patients are people who need special care and treatment. It should satisfy all their needs and encourage them to participate in their treatment and

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