Obesity In America Essay

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To understand when someone is considered to be obese, it is important to know the relationship among height, body weight, and body mass index (BMI). According to classifications by the CDC, a BMI under 18.5 is considered underweight, between 18.5 and 24.9 is a healthy weight, between 25 and 29.9 is overweight, and above 30 is obese (Public Health, 2017). Something that many might wonder is: what makes America so obese? Research claims that the obesity epidemic in the U.S. exists because of large portions, poor education on healthy diets, and lack of physical activity. The increase of meat consumption, added fats, and fast food options are putting more weight on Americans because these foods are not healthy, especially in large serving sizes (Public Health, 2017). Sugar is another issue that has snuck its way into almost every type of food and drink. People claim that sugar is a hidden addiction and once an individual consumes so much of it, it is hard to live without. Many companies try to hide the reality that sugar is in almost everything by giving different names to it and tricking people into thinking that certain food and drinks are “healthy.” …show more content…

Although food with less calories might seem like a better choice, they are often loaded with more sugar to make up for it. This can happen in a number of different scenarios which is why it is essential for people to know what to look for on food labels (Public Health, 2017). On the contrary, inactivity is completely a personal choice that puts people at risk for obesity. Due to the industrialization of America, people walk less to get from place to place and sit more while at work (Public Health, 2017). Not to mention, many people are too lazy to go to the gym and do cardiovascular exercises or strength training. Making time for physical activity is crucial in staying healthy and maintaining a normal

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