Obesity In America Essay

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Children 8 to 18 spend 44.5 hours on average weekly watching television and using electronics (Fredericks 11). People wonder why obesity has affected so many americans and this is just the start of the problems. Some of the many contributions to obesity are poverty, gender, genetics, physical activity and diet. About 13 % of children and 61 % of adults are overweight, and with obesity causing 300,000 deaths annually those numbers sound even larger(Nakaya 33). Obesity is an easy problem to fix because of all the research that has been done and all the resources there are. As a result of obesity, a large amount of Americans are affected by diabetes,heart disease and depression.
It is important to note that Type ll diabetes has influenced the lives of many americans. There are two main types of diabetes, type l and type ll.The cause of type l is unknown , but is thought to be through genetics. Type ll on the other hand seems to be caused by bad diets and a unhealthy lifestyle. Of everyone with diabetes 90-95% of americans suffer from type ll diabetes and 80% are obese(Nakaya 19). Many solutions can end or limit type ll diabetes , but it just keeps on growing throughout america. Solely through what you eat like eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole …show more content…

Diabetes causes blindness, kidney failure and affects blood vessels,nerves ,gums and teeth(Stettler 58). If you have type ll diabetes colds and viruses can increase your blood glucose level which is not good because your body already has resistance to insulin, and that elevates your blood sugar(“Effects of Obesity”). Insulin resistance has many different effects. Cells already do not respond normal to insulin ,but when your body doesn't respond it leads the pancreas to release more insulin causing higher blood levels(Stettler). Diabetes and insulin have great affects on obese people, but every day doctors are working to reduce the amount of people that

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