Obesity In America Persuasive Essay

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Jasmine Simmons
Dr. Canedo
City Project
25 May 2018
Obesity in America
Obesity is a when the body has an excess amount of fat and it can either be genetic or can be caused by something that has to with environment and it can become very stressful and difficult to deal with Obesity is referred to as Body Mass Index (BMI) of anywhere from 30 and higher. The term BMI is a tool that is used to measure obesity. Obesity is very serious and can become very critical down the line and you may catch some critical diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and something called sleep apnea which is when you start to breathe rapidly and suddenly stops. You may get sleep apnea if you often snore very loudly or if you feel exhausted after a night’s …show more content…

In the United States alone the rates of obesity occur more in adults than in children. Among adults, it’s one in every three and for children, it’s one in every six. Children ages two to nineteen are more at risk for becoming obese. For example, in Louisiana the rates for adults are a high 37.7% and a low range in Colorado of 22.3%. Within children the rates are a little lower, like in Mississippi it’s 21.7% and the lowest rate of child obesity is 9.9% for Oregon. Across all 50 states more than 20 of them have counties with obesity in adults of 40% and more. 40.4% of women are affected by obesity and it tends to be more common with women than with men. While, 35% of men suffer from …show more content…

It can help you to lose and gain muscle while losing weight. Muscle tissue has a much higher metabolic rate meaning you lose more and burn more calories faster, while as if you eating healthy food that is in your meal plan. Exercise can help to lose weight faster and it help with lowering blood pressure, diabetes, and can help to improve with your overall emotions how you consume food and potentially lower cholesterol if it is bad. Something that can also help is walking. It should ultimately start off slow so the person can gradually increase the amount of exercise they do. They can start with 30 minutes a day to 30 minutes a few days out of the week. Walking can increase your chances of walking walk longer. You should talk to your doctor before starting your exercise program. I could gather up people that have issues with their weight or that might enjoy walking and we can start a walking program. We would start off slow by walking at a slow pace of 15-30 minutes like down the street and walk back, we would do this everyday or every other day. It can become very beneficial to certain people and they might enjoy walking going forward. It can be very helpful to swing your arms while walk to help stretch out your muscles more. While doing the walking program they will be on a dietary plan where they have to eat whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat instead of wheat of white and try to eat foods that are

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