Obesity In Martha Holmes's Photograph, 'Two Girls At A Diner'

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Obesity has become this huge problem in the world and no one wants to do anything about it. Martha Holmes captures women’s constant struggle obesity in her photograph “Two Girls at a Diner”. It shows how women have tackled obesity since cavemen discovered food.
The image portrays that the thicker woman, drinking a diet lemonade, is jealous of the skinnier woman, who is drinking a milkshake, since she has struggled with her body image and having to contain herself. Holmes is showing us in her photograph that obesity is a problem for women, and that we all compare ourselves to one another based on each other 's appearance. in the early 1940’s, the country was just getting out of the Great Depression, but us women, even after the Great Depression, kept putting ourselves in our own depression, comparing our body 's to other women around us. Women constantly compare themselves to other girls even in our generation today. It is a problem that is constantly happening and just getting worse. We need to persuade women to stop comparing themselves to other women, and we need to love ourselves as is. If you want to change your body image you need to stop sitting on pinterest, eating a carton of ice cream, and do actually do something about it.
Children are widely affected by obesity in today 's age, but it is becoming less common since “Michelle …show more content…

People tend to jump towards junk food because it is cheaper and not a lot of effort needs to put into making it . Whereas healthier food you have to prepare, cook, and take your time instead of just throwing it in the microwave (Matthews). We would rather our dinner take three minutes to cook in the microwave instead of preparing an entire meal in an hour because we are lazy. We would rather watch the Biggest Loser while sitting on our couch and hope to get the results they are getting, instead of going to the gym and actually getting the results. As a society instead of fixing the problem we hope for the problem will fix

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