Childhood Obesity Proposal Essay

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Proposal: How can we solve the problem of childhood obesity? A child is considered obese when their weight is twenty percent more than than the ideal weight for their sex, age, and height (University of Michigan). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that in 2012, eighteen percent of children ages six to eleven were obese and twenty-one percent of adolescents ages twelve to nineteen were obese (Childhood Obesity Facts). In 2007 study of 40,000 children, the Food Research and Action Center found that “Obesity rates increased by 10 percent for all U.S. children 10- to 17-years old between 2003 and 2007, but by 23 percent during the same time period for low-income children,” (Relationship). In Tennessee, low income support is given through a database and reusable plastic cards, known as Electronic Benefit Transfer, that the families may use to buy groceries (EBT).…show more content…
The problem that occurs with Electronic Benefit Transfer system is that parents are likely to buy unhealthy options for their children because it is the cheapest foods. If state governments each exchanged their food stamp policy for bags of correct portions of healthy meals and snacks for the family, then obesity rates would shrink in low income families. The local Williamson County Graceworks Ministries has started two small scale programs that have already proved my proposal to be successful. Graceworks “Food Carts” are shopping carts of donated food every month that cover all food groups and is a free program to allow families to spend their money on other needs. Graceworks also provides healthy snacks and easy to make meals called “Fuel Bags” to students who qualify for free or reduced lunches

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