School Lunch History

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many of us probably can not remember when there was no school lunch

We grew up with it and accepted as part of the school every day, but there were times in the history of our nation when school meals were the exception rather than the rule However today's child nutrition programs are present in more than one hundred thousand schools across the nation if you live in Anchorage Alaska or Key West Florida school lunch is available for children

What is even more surprising is that the rules and federal nutrition rules They are the same in each of these schools participating in the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program we will see the extraordinary story of how they started and child nutrition programs He grew in …show more content…

at the end of 1946 has established nationwide school lunch programs approximately six million children participated in the program this year more than 100 million meals were served at no cost to children each State received an overall allocation for the year based on enrollment when money was spent not had more than October 11, 1946, food service Directors Conference and the National Association of School Cafeteria arrived

together to form the American food service association now called the School Nutrition Association in 1954 Congress authorized funds for a special milk program that provided a half-pint of milk for school-age children daily by 1960 the National School Lunch Act was gaining momentum also it received its first major changes during that year was funding changed from a base grant the registration of a subsidy based on participation in

In addition to special financial assistance was given to schools with a high percentage of low-income children I 1962 USDA study, found that nine million children still attend schools where there was no school lunch program to focus on school and lunch encourage more schools to participate National School Lunch Week night in October 1962 was established by …show more content…

entertain that welfare in the study of the history of this extraordinary program we can see how local employees of school nutrition school nutrition dedicated members of Congress and the public voice association has made a difference in the care of the nutritional needs of children because of that have worked to build and preserve school meals with pride we can see that more than 29 million children are participating in the school lunch each day as child nutrition

professionals who have much to be proud We have overcome many obstacles to providing our children with the votes meals feed energy to learn and play the future of child nutrition programs and the future of our children It looks bright most of the historical materials that have seen today are housed files in child nutrition in national food service management

institute on the campus of the University of Mississippi in Oxford The mission is to collect files preserve and make available Researchers collections relating to the history of federal child nutrition Programs files collected personal interviews and oral history Documents photographs organization artifacts posters scrapbooks and personal stories about all the memories of those who have

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