Tarrant Area Food Bank Case Study

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Hunger is a serious issue that many are forced to deal with all year long. Unfortunately, it seems like it gets worse during the holiday season. The problem is hunger and one possible solution is local food banks. Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB) is a local organization and has helped provide food to prevent some from going hungry. . Building up the TAFB 's food supply when it is not being donated through individuals is when Tarrant Area Food Bank contacts the Food industry, growers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Also, churches do food drives so they raise donations as well.
Once the TAFB contacts those places they let them know that they can come pick up the items once they have been notified. That saves on transporting and shipping the items to the TAFB facility. Tarrant Area Food Bank operates its own truck fleet and also pays outside companies for freight packaging and transportation. The total transportation budget to move food from donors and into their warehouse approaches one million dollars per year. The money to help provide transportation …show more content…

I started it December 4th and it will end Friday, December18th. The youth kids will be able to bring food during those two weeks. We have approximately 40 to 45 youth members in the church so I estimate lots of participation. I announced the food drive in front of all the classes on Sunday, December 6th. If some of the youth were not there on Sunday, I went on social media, sent emails as well as texted pictures of the flyers. On the flyer it also stated that it was a competition. When we do competitions in the youth we tend to get more participation. The competition will be between Sunday school classrooms. The winner of the competition will win donuts the following Sunday in their Sunday school class. There is a bulletin board with a signup sheet for Saturday the 19th for when we will go and volunteer at Community Link and

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