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In this situation I would not want to shut down any of my community based organizations. Knowing that the closure would lead to loss of jobs and affect the community as a whole. For starters I would look over our budget to see if there where any areas that I could possibly cut cost or do without. Going by a budget can also help you minimize risk for future obstacles. By eliminating unnecessary cost hopefully will increase funding so that layoffs will not be my only option. Other options that I would consider is cutting hours during the slow hours of the day. Instead of denying services to a community or a group of people that usually depends on our services I may cut back on certain services that we normally offer. As this is very serious I believe the community would be happier that we stayed open and offered less over closing down several sites. Even after cutting back and there was still a need to close down a site I would determine which one of the sites has the most and least impact on the community and close the one that impacts the community the least. Morethanless, going forward I would be more conscience of ways to bring profit into the organization. In most community centers they usually take donations for items needed for the organization or do some type of fundraiser that would help bring in a profit. Reference: …show more content…

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