The Importance Of Film Tourism

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Film tourism is a blooming sector among the tourism industry. It describes the effects that film and TV-productions can have on our travel decisions as they inspire people to experience the screened places firsthand. Not only is film tourism an excellent vehicle for destination marketing, it also presents new product development opportunities, such as location tours, film museums, exhibitions and the theming of existing tourist attractions with a film connection. (, 2014)
Following with the prevalence of Korean dramas and soaps, many people are long for the romantic scenes and actors shown in the television. Some of them will even visit the filming locations to satisfy themselves. For example, the Petite France in Korea becomes …show more content…

towns, villages, countryside and other environments that have been utilized as film shooting locations (Connell, 2012)
2.) Visits to studio set: The Warner Bro. Harry Porter Museum has organized a visit to all the studios which filmed in Harry Porter included in the museum. It is a successful attractions that many visitors are still willing to travel to the museum.
3.) Visits to specific film/TV theme parks and attractions: The most famous themed park is the Universal Studios in Florida which is built entirely for tourism purposes based on the 17 movies. (Tanja, 2012)
4.) Visits to themed attractions with a film theme: The world’s most popular visitor attractions and theme parks are directly related to film but have general tourist appeal (Disneyworld Orlando received nearly 17m visitors in 2010). (Connell, …show more content…

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Interview Questions

1.) After the film released, is the revenue increased? Would you mind to tell the approximately percent increase?

2.) Is the increased revenue last for a long period? (Even the hit of the film is passed)

3.) Since the film released until now, have any tremendous drop of visitors?

4.) What do you think about the reasons behind the decrease number of visitors?

5.) How can your management team deal with the situation (decrease in number of visitors)?

6.) Any marketing methods can recommend to maintain the profitability of the destination?

7.) Which problem have you faced in the management is the most

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