Importance Of Tourism Behaviour

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“Tourism Behaviour understanding includes the idea and knowledge of the different factors which are by no other means very obvious because the effects which do shape the activities and tastes of tourism are often highly embedded in the cultural and the personal biography of the individual that the whole of subject is not known of how actually they were made.” (Seaton, 1996). Figure.1. The tourism system.
The above description do set the scene part for this essay on the tourist behaviour and it is the main initial point for the final description of the topic which is to be shaped further.
To completely understand the tourist behaviour, it requires searching out the individual experiences and the motivations of travelling. There are many of the researches and studies one in past by the great authors and researchers on the individual experiences and their motivations of travelling. The tourist behaviour in recent past has been studied with great efforts and many of the conclusions had been drawn regarding the crucial factors which do have an impact on the decision making of the tourist’s. There is a great risk involved in the process of destinations decision making. This is because of the reason that in this process a kind of purchase the potential tourists are often not in use to see the destinations before they decide to go there. According to the most very popular books on the consumer behaviour, the consumer behaviour is the function of very two simple factors, Cultural

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