Evolution Of Tourism

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Tourism can be considered one of the most significant economic and social phenomena of the twentieth and twenty-first century.
The evolving of the tourist’s behavior has triggered a series of changes in the way of operating the tourism businesses. From traditional travel agencies, hotels and airlines up to the online tour operators. All tour operators have had to adapt to the changes of the individual as a traveler and this has led to continuous development of strategies by the agents.

Until the first half of 1900, going on holiday was an experience belonging to a privileged class, something that only few could afford.

In the 50s-60s, the economic growth and the evolution of means of transport made going on holiday something accessible to a broader range of the people. Back then, the typical tourists were travelling to the same places, at the same time and to do the same things, because there wasn’t that much choice. This type of tourist had not established preferences, it was predictable, driven by emulation and had not yet manifested any special needs. A time before the introduction of Internet, the consumer would visit a travel agency to review the tourist information, usually conveyed through the travel brochure, and select the options that most interested him.

Today, one can no longer speak of this kind of tourism. The growing world population, evolution of tourist behavior and introduction of the internet has expanded the
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