Eat Pray Love Analysis

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Dismantling the Notions from “Eat Pray Love” The opinion piece by Liz Jones titled “Eat and Pray all you like but it won’t make you lovelier” is a critical piece about the ideas from the movie “Eat Pray Love”, which was based of Elizabeth Gilbert 's novel of the same name. In the article Jones 's purpose is to persuade the audience, which are middle aged American women, how middle-age women who go on self help tourism trips, such as the type seen in Eat pray Love, are absurdly minded, thus conveying that such kinds of trips are unreasonable. In order to accomplish this, Jones utilizes a harsh tone when describing expectations of self-help travel versus reality, making “Eat Pray Love” appear to be purposely deceptive, using quotations on Gilbert 's own words and by conducting an Ad Hominem attack on Elizabeth Gilbert herself to encourage readers to critically question the notion of self-help tourism. One way in which middle aged American women are convinced that self-help tourism does not guarantee self-fulfilment, thus these trips are unreasonable is by utilizing a harsh tone when describing Jones’s anecdotes of her own travel experiences. In the article, when describing Jones 's own travel experiences, she writes in a critical fashion, such as by saying “I was stressed” and by mentioning that her hotel was “full of drunk Australians” and how the “beaches were dirty”. As all of these phrases are extremely critical of tourism, this harsh tone connotes the idea that
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