What Is A Small Place Essay

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Many people who take trips to other countries use it to escape the boredom of their own life and to have fun in another country. Taking vacations can provide excitement when heading to different locales, give a person the tastes and sights of a new place, and overall provide a sense of pleasure to a tourist. However, there is an aspect of this that many tourists do not get to see. In her essay A Small Place, author Jamaica Kincaid makes this aspect very clear. Kincaid, along with many other natives of foreign islands, believes that tourists are “ugly human being[s]” who seemingly feed off the boredom and desperation of the natives of a certain place, creating a source of pleasure for themselves (Kincaid 262). Tourism and corruption in certain parts of the world have turned these once beautiful places into terrible places to live for the natives that had originally lived there. One example of this corruption is when traveling across Antigua, one might see many new Japanese cars. The reason that many people have these is that the…show more content…
The inhabitants of these places are trapped, unable to break the cycle of their boredom, being taken advantage of by “ugly tourists” who use the boredom of locals for their own pleasure. The true poverty and problems faced by these people are overlooked as seemingly quaint traditions. Using second-person narration, Kincaid makes this ugliness of tourism more personal to the reader, allowing them to experience firsthand somewhat the effects of tourism on the locals of the places they visit. The beautiful things that tourists seek may have negative consequences on the people that have to live there every day. Tourists, however, disregard this, believing it to be someone else’s problem. This moral ugliness is represented well by Kincaid, channeling her passion for this topic into a small, yet impacting
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