Social, Social And Economic Benefits Of Tourism

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Benefits of Tourism
Tourism is an important activity that people has undertaken for a very long time in the most countries around the world. In recent time it has been recognized as an important social and economic phenomenon. As well as its direct effect it has indirect effects both on the society and at the individual level. . The interaction between tourists and poor communities can provide a number of intangible and practical benefits. These can range from increased awareness of cultural, environmental, and economic issues and values, on both sides, to mutual benefits from improved local investment in infrastructure. At the world conference held in Manila on tourism in 1980, importance of tourism and its effects were recognized in the declaration, which stated as; ‘’tourism is an essential activity both on the life of the nation since its direct and indirect effects on economical, social, cultural, and educational sectors of the society and their international relations’’.
Economic benefits of tourism
1. Contribution to Gross Domestic Product; Tourism is being one of the world’s largest industries and contributes directly and indirectly (total contribution) to the global economy. Its contribution to GDP growth reflects the total spending within a particular country by residents or neon residents for business or leisure purposes as well as government spending on tourism goods and services which linked to visitors. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council

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