Tourism: The Four Different Perspectives Of Tourism

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The definition of the word “Tourism” is different source by source, person by person. There is no specific definition for it. Each institution defines “Tourism” in a varied way. Firstly, tourism is related to several groups which involving in or are affected by tourism industry. Their perceptions are crucial to the development for the definition of tourism. Therefore, tourism may be defined as the activities, processes and outcomes by the relationship and interaction among the tourist, government, suppliers of the tourism, the host communities and the environment that surrounding the destination which involved in attracting and accommodating of the visitors (Goeldner & Ritchie, 2009). According to Goelner & Ritchie (2009), there are four different perspectives of tourism can be identified from the tourist, business operator who providing goods and services, government of the host destination area and the local community. The first group is the tourists or visitors. They are the group who search for various travel experiences and satisfaction physically and psychologically. The nature and perception by this group of people will mainly determine the destinations chosen by them and the activities to have. Next is the business operator or supplier which providing services and goods to the tourist which required by the tourists. …show more content…

It includes the museums and unique archaeological sites. Furthermore, it relates to the unique music, art forms and traditional rituals from the communities with different cultures. The mission settlements, the slaves working sites, urban spaces for ritual, rock formations and natural landscape are considered part of the cultural tourism. Cultural tourism is applied to a wide variety of activities. It includes of heritage and also the attendance of audience at the cultural music and dance (Hughes,

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