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  • Child Development: Physical Development

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    NORMAL DEVELOPMENT Physical Development In the earlier years children grow rapidly but at the school aged years the child 's bodily changes occur more gradually therefore go through a stable period. Height increases about 6.25cm a year and weight gain is approximately 3kg a year. The trunk becomes longer, and arms and legs grow rapidly. The childish figure known as chubbiness disappears. The face becomes longer and the jaw develops a more adult prominence. Around the age of 6 - 7 years, baby teeth

  • Difference Between Development And Rate Of Development

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    sequence of development and rate of development and why the difference is important Sequence of development: This is the order of how development will happen, for example, when one child’s physical development could start with rolling over, then sitting up, crawling, walking and then running. But another child’s development could start with sitting up, walking then running and misses out on the rolling over and crawling. Though some of this child’s elements were missed the development still proceeded

  • Erikson Lifespan Development Theory

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    result of chance incidents and personal choices, the vast majority of life changes and stages we pass through are due to biological, socioeconomic environmental, and psychological birth rights environments and shared by all people. Our Lifespan Development topic centres are intentional to afford an overview of the important collective developmental stages that human beings pass through: the prenatal period, between conception and birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age and finally death

  • Prepsychosocial Development

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    he social and personality development of the infant depends on trust versus distrust. Keeping in mind of the first two years of the infant's life that infant undergoes the first stage; if said infant is well nurtured, cared for and sincerely loved - trust is developed. furthermore, they develop attachments to their caregivers; the sense of security and joy to their caregivers or those who provide love and play. Adult / child reactions and responds positively to the infant – parents, nannies, relatives

  • Atypical Development

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    -Describe how atypical development may impact on areas of development. The different aspects of children's development are interlinked and co-dependent, so they will each be important to the child's holistic development. Children's overall development and educational needs will be affected by the way in which they develop in key areas. As children grow and pass different milestones or key points, they will gradually become more independent and less reliant on those around them in preparation for

  • Authoritarianism And Development

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    Introduction Throughout human history and around the globe, economic development has been essential to the people’s livelihood and it has been acting as a scale to assess leaders’ achievements and legitimacy to rule. Countries adopted different models to achieve economic prosperity, and some of them, with highly contrasting characteristics and values, had nevertheless succeeded. Relationship between authoritarian systems and economic development has been studied extensively, majority of the studies have reached

  • Babies Development

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    All children will learn at different stages but generally they follow a sequence of development. ​ Sequence and rate of development needs to compensate all children which could be at different stages and levels of ability. ​ Question: Question 3 Answer: The development of young people and children can be boosted or restricted by the environment that they grow up in. ​ Good health is important for development in children. A child that spends time outside playing with a good healthy diet is more

  • Analyzing Erikson's Theory Of Psychological Development

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    was a student and a teacher of arts. He was trained in psychoanalyses at the Vienna Psychoanalysis institute and studied the Montessori methods of education, which focus on child development and sexual stages. Erik Erikson had made a massive contribution to the subject of psychology with his educational child development theory. He recognized and developed

  • Theories Of Development

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    erogenous zone in genital whereby having relationships with people of the opposite sex is a pleasurable activity. This is a time to form intimate relationships and be involved in societal works. 3.2 Neo-analytic theory of development: psychosocial (Erickson, 1959) 1. Trust versus mistrust: from birth to infancy, as the results of satisfactory care; the infants develops an inner sense of security and feelings of mutuality. The infants learn to trust its mother or care-giver even

  • Human Development

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    Historically, human development was seen as taking place in infancy and childhood, thus assuming that further development is not very interesting. Most personality characteristics (e.g., intelligence, social competence) were seen as fully developed by young adulthood without undergoing significant changes thereafter. With more refined empirical studies on human development it became obvious that individual behavior can significantly change until very old age (Baltes, Staudinger, & Lindenberger, 1999)

  • Personal Assignment: Personal Development Skills To Professional Development

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    This assignment will highlight personal development skills which will lead me towards professional development. During this assignment it will focus on personal and professional skills which are required for organization success and in the first task, my own learning style is identified and it is integrated with lifelong learning styles and sources of information. My future job, my strengths and weaknesses, and personal development plan are identified to achieve above mentioned primary objective

  • Child Development Framework

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    Theories and frameworks for development are important for learning support because it is where people can look at behaviour, achievements and results. Theories about child development were developed many years ago. Child development research is ongoing and new information is emerging all the time. It is important for anyone who works with children and young people to keep up to date with developments and to put these new ideas into practice. Some of the theorists include: Freud- a psychoanalytic

  • Child Development Analysis

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    developing. Physically, emotionally, socially and language progressions. Within the early childhood sector, the study of children's development is vividly important as teachers learn to observe the children's individual learning patterns and habits. The practical knowledge of how to develop a child further will assist in utilising the children's skills and holistic development to their fullest potential, however, knowing how to practically aid children in the separate developmental domains is also key

  • Essay On Infrastructure Development

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    infrastructure in enhancing development in the country. This chapter looks at the various types of infrastructure and studies that had been conducted and showed the role infrastructure played in enhancing economic growth and development, such as the impact of infrastructure development on poverty reduction, boosting trade, job creation, investment promotion and improvement of quality of life of the people. The contribution of the military towards infrastructure development and its benefits in some

  • Life Span Development

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    In chapter 8 of Contemporary Human Behavior Theory by Robins, the main topic of discussion was on theories of life span development. The theories of life span development describe process of individual growth and development over the life cycle, delineate stages of development that corresponds to specific age periods, focuses on the individual’s mastery of skills and tasks, and are useful in formulating assessment and intervention plans for individuals, families, and small groups (Robbins, 2012

  • How Does Child Development Affect Development

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    1.4. Analyse how children’s learning and development can be affected by: Personal factors are a child’s genes which influence development and how the brain works. This influences a child’s personality, potential and health which will later be influenced by their environment • Influences before and at birth: genetics, maternal, diet etc. during pregnancy and birth itself can have problems due to the lack of oxygen (cord around the neck) and injuries during birth. • Encouragement: if children are

  • Adult Cognitive Development

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    This chapter summary will cover various concepts pertaining to the physical and cognitive development of an early adult. “Adulthood is usually defined in terms of what people do rather than how old they are.” This stage in life is known as a time when adults are focused on career paths and the development of financial independence. Although this stage is not determined so much by age, but the common age of a middle adult is 18 to 25. Through this period, young adults are in the process of discovering

  • Human Development Analysis

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    In this analysis I will cover ideas and the theories that apply to human development of my life. I will explain where I am in the life cycle, physical changes that I have experienced, cognitive experiences, moral experiences, and psychosocial experiences. I will provide examples of my personal experiences and information from the text to apply my knowledge of developments through life. In the life cycle I am in the early adulthood stage. I am a 26 year old, white female Caucasian. I currently own

  • Social Emotional Development

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    birth, a child instantly develops a special attachment with their primary caregiver. A child’s earliest bond is with their parents and that connection lasts a lifetime. The primary caregivers also play an enormous role in the social and emotional development of the child which assists the child in maturing both socially and emotionally. In this assignment I will firstly discuss how parenting impacts the attachment a child makes both socially and emotionally with their family. Secondly, I will outline

  • Personal Development Goals

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    specific personal and professional development goals while on work placement. A “Personal Development Plan” is a written explanation of progress and self-reflection, which can be used as a detailed action plan used to accomplish academic, individual, or professional goals. It’s typically created within the workplace or when studying, and works by allowing you to establish your goals, distinguish your strong points and weaknesses, and recognize the necessity for development. Objectives are assigned based