Salvation Army Food Bank

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The systems we have put in place to ensure individuals and families do not fall into destitution often fail to do the job; with people struggling without the necessities of life for too long (HungerCount, 2014). Therefore, the Salvations Army food banks can be seen as a Social Economy institution for many reasons. J.J. McMurtry argues that the Social Economy is based on the community and the individual. He says "people participate in the social economy-not to be non-profit or non-state per se, but to actually make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of other, to build community of one sort or another" (J.J. McMurtry, Pg 30). Salvation Army food banks are predominantly made to focus its attention on communities. Therefore, they are using their resources to help …show more content…

As McMurtry has highlighted, it is about the people helping and giving back rather than pushing for their own individual gain. The purpose of the Salvation Army is to enlighten the community which they are attending to and persevere through the tough situations and reach a goal of creating a prosperous community, either in providing food or in any other way they can. In other words, it is there to help achieve a secure standpoint. The Salvation Army has had a major role in helping communities and many people, especially children. Due to its involvement, it has now become known all over the world due to its aiding efforts. Since the percent of people using food banks in Canada has increased due to higher food prices, the cost of living, and the loss of jobs, this explains in part how this issue currently affect the way people live and how they are fighting to survive. The Salvation Army food banks are in place to not completely dismiss the matter but to provide assistance where it can be provided and to guarantee that the quality of life is

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