Observant As Depicted In The Book Rules By Cynthia Lord

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The book Rules, by Cynthia Lord, is about a girl named Catherine and her brother named David who has autism. Having to struggle with her brother, the new girl next door, and not having her best friend around Melissa, Catherine, also the main character shows a lot of important character traits. The traits that Catherine shows that are most significant are her being wishful and being observant. Throughout the story, Catherine shows a feeling of being positively hopeful in many ways. As stated on page 8, when Catherine was thinking about her brother, “Sometimes, I wish someone would invent a pill so David would wake up one morning without autism like someone waking up from a coma and he’d say, ‘Jeez Catherine, where have I been?’ and he’d be a regular brother like Melissa has—”. As conspicuous, this shows how Catherine really wishes and hopes to have a regular brother. In addition, this shows how she sometimes envies Melissa’s regular brother as well. Another excerpt that shows how Catherine is hopeful is on page 23, “As she reads, I think about how useful a cloak that made …show more content…

As it says on page 17, “— I consider the line of stores and restaurants across the street, but they look tired and ‘between’. In a week or two, the gift shop window will have splashy beach towels and plastic sand buckets, the hotel will show off the ‘no’ lit up with the ‘vacancy’ and the—” This shows how when looking around, Catherine takes everything in around her. It also shows her being wishful in another way. Another quote that shows a similar idea was on page nineteen, “Drawing makes me find the curves, the shadows, the ins and outs, and the beautiful parts.” This, like the quote before, also shows how much Catherine notices. It is also evident that this quote shows how much she appreciates something are drawing or really looking at it. As you can see, Catherine is a really wishful

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