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Just Checking from the Life of an Obsessive Compulsive that was written by Emily Colas, was a very good book to read. The author is a great writer and has a sharp and sarcastic sense of humor by making fun of her obsession. Through a series of vignettes, Colas jumps from the past to the present with her childhood events to her day to day life as a wife and mother. She talks about how her disorder impacts her family and how its she struggles everyday to try and have control of her illness. In her Biography she explains what it was like living with her disorder everyday. Colas explains her illness in a lot of detail that when reading you can vision exactly what she is thinking and what is happening in her head. Her symptoms that showed her obsessive disorder were that she would wash her hands about twenty times and she was also very afraid of being contaminated by diseased blood. There were some crazy intense, disturbing moments such as when Colas apartment fills with garbage and dirt because she becomes cautious of cleaning supplies, and she refuses to take a shower for fear of harming her unborn child. She talked about her fears…show more content…
The food tasting is one thing. She didn 't like the garbage bin at her apartment so she put aside their garbage, and when it got to be too much she would have her husband take it out. He would do this one bag at a time while she watched from a window to make sure he did it right. When he came back he would wash his hands, get another bag, repeat. If he happened to get something on him while doing this, Colas would make him go back and go through the garbage to find out what it was that he got on himself. She would then make him throw his clothes away and shower immediately. The things she would ask of others just got so selfish. She even talks about how she would start collecting her kids toys to throw away because she doesn 't like the

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