Quotes From Fever 1793

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‘Fever 1793’ Yellow Fever, one of the most deadliest diseases in the world. It’s already enough for them to go through; but can you imagine suffering from it? Their emotional state of mind is the least of our worries, but then again; should we worry? The author uses this deadly disease to develop the character traits of the citizens that live in this horrified town. They had many reasons for acting the way they did. They mainly behaved this way, because of the disease. Matilda stated “And so I left home in a manner quite unpredicted.” - page 77. She wasn’t expecting to have to leave because of this Fever. It has gotten too much for her, is what it amounts to. “Sensible people have turned mad overnight. They’re rinsing their clothes in vinegar and wearing tarred ropes around their necks.” - page 73. People have gotten skeptical overnight. They think this is a crisis. When people go insane overnight because of the fever, it affects people’s mentality. “Her pulse is fast and strong, …show more content…

“I’m a fool”. Grandfather said. Page 89. We know that this is very unlike him. In this book before the disease happened he seemed very upbeat, positive, and ready to handle anything life is about to offer him. “The farmers hand stayed on the knife.” Page 91. None of this would be happening if it weren’t for the fever. They are getting more suspicious and always thinking the worse. If you think about it, it was never necessary to have their hand on that knife- was it? “Get her out! Out! Says mother.” Being this sick, and knowing that there may or not be a cure, and knowing that there will be a long journey for whatever happens; May be a tedious idea. This fever is taking over people’s personalities, and bodies. If that doesn’t make you think twice about how the character’s have changed tremendously, I don’t know what

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